Mother’s Day Makeovers

Ran over three weeks before Mother’s day, we were really touched by the amount of entries for our Mother’s Day Makeover competition. In the end we gave away first, second and third prize and also some spot prizes for touching or creative entries. All the girls in the Salon voted and we were unanimous in our choices! To enter you had to tell us why your Mum deserved or needed a makeover. Here are how some of the prize winner’s got on when they visited the salon to be transformed.

Here are the results in reverse order ….

Third Prize

Jackie was nominated by her daughter Sarah. Her entry was a simple but effective statement. “My Mum has not been to the hairdressers for 10 years”, she wrote. “WHAT!” we said one by one as we read it.  “How can this be?”. A busy child minder Jackie had got into the habit of dying her own hair and just tying it back.  After a period of time going to the hairdresser seemed an intimidating prospect. At WWW.Comb we’re all about expertise but with a laid back and fun atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and yourself!  We want you to leave the salon looking the best version of yourself!

Chelsea was excited to get her hands on Jackie’s Hair.  Jackie had great bone structure and Chelsea chose a chin length bob style that would flatter her face shape.  With years of colour build up from dark out of the box home kits. The colour was washing  out Jackie’s skin tone. We custom mixed a variety of subtle honey tones for Jackie. We also tinted her eyebrows to complete the look.  This is a dramatic change and Jackie looks amazing! Beaming with delight she promised to come back in when next time she will just need a root touch up.

Jackie 3rd Prize winner Before and After

Jackie 3rd Prize winner Before and After

Second Prize

Sywia nominated her friend Donna as she had recently lost her own mother. Both have husbands in the RAF. Donna has young children with little time for herself and husband away for 6 months of the year in Afghanistan.

Sywia After her WWW.Comb blow-Out

Sywia After her WWW.Comb blow-Out

They breezed into the salon, enthusiastic to get the WWW.Comb treatment. Chelsea and Vicky were equally as excited to style this fun pair. Donna got one of our volumising and glamorous blow drys. with barrel curls. She also enjoyed learning a few tips and tricks to use with her straighteners to recreate the look at home!

Chelsea and Donna consultation

Chelsea talking through her plans for Donna’s hair

Donna was in for a cut and colour. Donna has fine hair but a lot of it. Chelsea layered the hair and shaped it to give Donna movement and softness around the face. Colour wise Donna liked rich, warm tones and Chelsea agreed that this suited her. Chelsea set about giving her a modern take on the colour she loved.  A rich mahogany red with slices of red contrast added depth and shine.


Donna Before and after

Donna’s Before and after with gorgeous warm Mahogany hair.

1st Prize

Hannah Ward won first prize. Two reasons for her win the content of her answer and also her eagerness to enter.  She was our first entry and at 16 wrote with heart and maturity which really impressed me. Hannah’s Mum Jackie has spent the last 8 years caring for her father who sadly died this year. They both needed a boost and it was lovely for us to have such a close Mum and Daughter in the salon.

hannah+jackie before sm

Hannah and Jackie Before

Hannah has great hair and why fix something that ain’t broke. Jess added a side fringe, trimmed and dressed her hair. We then whisked Hannah away for a quick manicure and twenty minute neck shoulder and back massage.

Hannah and Samara Manicure

Hannah getting a manicure with Samara

Meanwhile , Vicky got stuck into Jackie’s hair. Long, thick with a natural wave. Vicky rubbed her hands together with glee to start work on this blank canvas. Jackie trusted Vicky to work her magic. A cocktail of custom blended colour in warm chocolates with pieces of red. Inches of hair dropped to the floor as Vicky removed the weight and shaped the cut.  Finished with our famous bouncy blow-dry’s.

hannah +Jackie after

Hannah and Mum Jackie After. Loving their new glamorous looks