Is Red Dead?

Red hair was a massive trend last year, with celebrities such as Rhianna blazing the trail for fire engine coloured locks. A lot of our customers loved the look and we turned a countless number from brunette to red head. However with the dramatic colour comes the drama of the up keep. Our very own Junior Shannon knew only too well what this entails and we wrote a top 6 hints and trick of going red and staying red.

However much like the red hair the trend is beginning to fade and the maintenance it requires became a hassle. So this season we are seeing our customers returning to the salon to lose the red to either go brown or dark blond. Less pop princess more actual royalty. Is this the Kate Middleton effect?


Shannon as a red head and now back to brunette

So if you’ve decided to ditch the red, what is the process?

Red hair dye has a strange dichotomy! It might be hard to keep your red hair red but also it’s tricky to remove the dominant red entirely. Therefore first of all we go about removing as much of the red colour as possible. This involves cleaning the hair with a reducer (colour remover). If this isn’t done we run the risk of a patchy result or a red undertone that has a tendency to peek through and your new colour won’t be true.

Next we select the colour that will work to dilute the remainder of the red. We will work together to choose your next look. However it will also depend on the condition of your hair. We are an honest lot at WWW.comb and if your hair has been heavily processed and therefore become quite porous, we will need to use a colour that has large molecules to keep the colour in place. You might have to go dark.

The good news is we’ve got a whole range of gorgeous new glossy colours, chocolate browns collection and Toffee caramels, Whether you want that expensive, effortless and ultra-shiny brunette hair like the girls from made in Chelsea or the sun kissed caramel locks of Jennifer Aniston.

If you’re over red and want a change, we are here to help.

If you are not and you want to read our top 6 tips on going red and staying red click here.