Extend Your Style Event

Looking chic chicas

A few weeks ago (Nov 10th) we left our stunning salon for second most glamorous venue in the area, Aren’s bar ;) 140 of you joined us for an evening of hair, fashion and music. We were determined to … [Read more...]

Shiny, healthy, happy, hair

jess client before  and after ruislip hairdressser

Recently Jess performed a brilliant before and after on a client. The client went from bleach blond hair to brunette. She had found keeping up with root growth to be a pain and the condition of her … [Read more...]

Going from Blonde to Brunette

shannon IT&LY SynergiCare

The fashion magazines and internet are full of articles on actresses that have made the move to go from blonde to brunette. We like to play a game in the salon called better blonde or brunette? Where … [Read more...]

Micro Fringe Trend


To fringe or not fringe, that is the question? We regularly watch the blood drain from the face of clients and shakes start up when we utter the immortal words ….Ever fancied a fringe? And I think … [Read more...]

Salon International 2013

Jamie Stevens and our junior from our Ruislip Salon Savannah

At WWW.Comb we have a passion for hairdressing and where is the best place to go if you are excited about the Industry you work in, the biggest trade show in our calendar. Salon International 2013. … [Read more...]