Shannon’s 6 Top Tips for becoming a red head and staying a red head.

First published on Facebook June 17, 2011

Are you toying with going red? Red hair is one of this season’s hottest summer trends and definitely a hit with the celebrities. One of our junior stylists Shannon has taken the plunge and gone vibrant red. So we asked her for some top tips.

 1 Choosing your shade -This is the most crucial. Which shade? Do you fancy a bit of a garnet glimmer through your brunette locks or to jump in with both feet. Just because Rihanna and Cheryl Cole are rocking it will it suit you? After all you want to look warmed up not washed out.  What is your skin tone? Could you be a natural red head? There is a shade to suit you and many to choose from so look at our colour chart and we can custom blend something to match your needs.

Scarlet Johansson has gone a modern pinker shade of red while Blake Lively a more subtle honey tone or maybe go for Drew’s hue which is more auburn. See I told you loads to choose from.

2 Not feeling brave but fancy a change. Dip your toe in with a red undertone. This allows you to try red without going the whole hog!

3 Before you whack on the dye think! – Which shade are you at the moment? Avoid disaster or disappointment. If you are very blonde already the colour will come out brighter. If you have very dark brown hair and you put a red over the top it will not come out that bright. Did you want subtle or bright? Did you want wow or just a change?  That little shade chart on boxes of colour at the chemist doesn’t always tell the truth as a good friend of mine found out a little bit too late.

Blake lively, Scarlett Johanson, Drew barrimore

Blake Lively, Scarlet Johansson and Drew Barrymore.

Before Shannon went red she was previous dark and therefore she needed to remove this colour to achieve the true red she desired. We use a gentle treatment in the salon which is called a pre-clean which takes away the previous colour and leaves you with a blank canvas. It’s not harsh and leaves the hair in good condition.

4 Red hair is notorious for fading- Sorry it’s just a fact of life! To keep your red vibrant, choose a shampoo that will stop the colour washing out, either one specifically for reds or for coloured hair. Wash your hair as infrequently as you can manage. Use a dry shampoo to get a couple of extra days before you need to wash it again. Use cooler water as this will stop the hair cuticle opening up and let the colour molecules out.

5. Use a colour refresh mask – This is mask for your hair that is a bit like a thicker conditioner. In this case it is coloured red and you leave it on your hair after washing. It will liven up your colour between visits to the salon. We have one called Riflessi it’s £12.50 Shannon is a fan and you’ll wonder why you’ve not tried it before!

6. Summer red is a massive trend when often people opt for going red in winter. So if you have chosen to go red in holiday season. Don’t be put off bronzed skin and red hair can look gorgeous. Check out Blake but just bear in mind the sun and sea can be a killer and so do those things you are meant to do anyway. Wear a hat in the sun and special hair masks on the beach etc.

I hope that has helped any potential or current red heads out there. And if you want more info call us or message us via Facebook.